Daily location

Effortlessly track your daily location using the camera on your smart phone

Where have you been?

Your whereabouts often tell a story. Travels, work, relationships, vacations, memories, friends, family are all good reasons to mix up your daily locations. Reflecting over where you have been often brings back good memories and makes it more likely that you will revisit the good places again.

What is home?

Nomadic lifestyles sometimes makes it difficult to answer simple questions like "Where do you live?" and "Where are you from?" Next time, instead of asking the poor soul to clarify the question, just simply answer where you live most of the time and your most frequent travel departure point. Simple.

Tax benefits

Keeping a record of daily locations can greatly help avid travelers file travel claims for travel allowance and similar tax benefits available to freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Effortless and secure

Our software runs locally on your computer and smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Battery Drain

Daily Location does not drain your battery more than any other normal app. Unlike other location tracking apps, it is only concerned about your daily location, and will only actively ask for the phone's location once per day and only if you have not taken any pictures that day.

Can I import past location?

Yes! You will be able to import daily location history from even before you started using Daily Location as long as you have been using your smartphone camera somewhat frequently, or have a Google account with location history.

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